Feb 14 - Toronto (Pearson Airport) <br/>Here's the 747 that took me to Amsterdam on a KLM flight. Unfortunately, my in-flight entertainment system was flaky so I didn't get to make much use of it. Feb 16 - Nairobi, Kenya <br/>Gate to the Rock House, my hotel for the 15th and 16th. Feb 16 Nairobi, Kenya <br/>Main building of the Rock House. Notice the large nest on top. I saw the bird that used it once but did not have my camera handy. Feb 16 Nairobi, Kenya <br/>Rock House ground level floor showing the dining area. Feb 16 Nairobi, Kenya <br/>My room on the 2nd floor of the Rock House. Every hotel/lodge we stayed at in Nairobi, Arusha or on safari had mosquito nets except the last night on safari where we were high enough in elevation that they were not needed. Feb 16 - Nairobi, Kenya<br/>Later in the morning after breakfast, a hotel employee took us to the Giraffe House, about a 30 minute walk away. Feb 16 - Nairobi - Giraffe House <br/>One of the "not so timid" giraffes that came up to us for some treats. Feb 16 - Nairobi - Giraffe House<br/>Here I am feeding a giraffe with some treats the keepers gave us.  There was maybe a dozen giraffes in total but only a couple of them came close enough for us to feed them. If you were close to them and didn't feed them they would sometimes try to head-butt you! Feb 16 - Nairobi - Giraffe House <br/>Never realized that giraffes had such long tongues until that day! Feb 16 - Nairobi - Giraffe House <br/>Felt kind of like petting your cat's nose except for a much bigger snout. Feb 16 - Nairobi - Giraffe House <br/>Inside the "house" was a set of exhibits. There are three species of giraffes in Kenya. Feb 16 - Nairobi - Giraffe House <br/>"First kiss". Feb 16 - Nairobi - Giraffe House <br/>Factoid about giraffe and zebra teeth. Feb 16 - Nairobi, Kenya <br/>On the walk back to the hotel we passed a number of brightly colored bushes. After coming from the snow covered ground in Regina, the colorful bushes were extraordinarily bright.. Feb 16 - Nairobi, Kenya <br/>This cactus looks a lot like the organ pipe cactus (Stenocereus thurberi) found only in the United States and Mexico. Wikipedia says the two subspecies are also only found in the U.S. and Mexico so perhaps these were transplants. This species does not like the frost so it would seem well suited to Nairobi. Feb 16 - Nairobi, Kenya <br/>The hotel was located in a pretty nice neighborhood. The roads surrounding the hotel were being upgraded to paving stones. The area was well away from noisy city traffic. Feb 17 - Nairobi, Kenya <br/>We left our hotel on Sunday morning for our journey by land cruiser to Mount Kenya. We passed many colleges and government buildings. Most of them seem to be surrounded with high walls and a security gate. Feb 17 - Nairobi, Kenya <br/>Looking towards downtown Nairobi from a viewpoint close to the river. Feb 17 - Nairobi, Kenya <br/>Sunday market. Feb 16 - Nairobi - Giraffe House <br/>A couple of warthogs shared the space with the giraffes. Feb 17 - Nairobi, Kenya <br/> Feb 17 - Nairobi, Kenya Feb 17 - Journey to Mount Kenya <br/>We saw a few people with mules pulling carts alongside the highway. Feb 17 - Journey to Mount Kenya <br/>At our halway stop. Feb 17 11:30 am - Journey to Mount Kenya <br/>Our landcruiser at the halfway stop. Feb 17 12:30 pm - Journey to Mount Kenya <br/>Another Sunday market. Mount Kenya can be seen in the background. Feb 17 2:15 pm - Mountain Rock Lodge <br/>This baboon was perhaps 15 feet away from my room. Give them respectable distance and they did not bother you. Feb 17 2:20 pm - Mountain Rock Lodge <br/>Mother baboon and baby enjoying a top side seat. Feb 17 4 pm - First Hike <br/>After a late lunch at the Mountain Rock Lodge, we went on a hike towards the Mau Mau Caves but due to the lateness of our start, we only had intentions of going about half way. Here we came across a line of safari ants crossing the trail. Feb 17 - First Hike <br/>Close-up of the ants go marching by more than one-by-one. Feb 17 5:35 pm - Mountain Rock Lodge (Kenya) <br/>As we returned to the lodge grounds, we came across several black and white Colobus monkeys. They are a very timid monkey and were quick to climb higher into the trees and away if you started walking towards them. Feb 17 - Mountain Rock Lodge <br/>One of my very few face shots of a Colobus. Feb 17 5:40 pm - Mountain Rock Lodge <br/>This bamboon walked right towards us as we were taking photos of the Colobus monkeys. He seemed quite confident as he walked within 8-10 feet of me. Feb 18 11:30 am - Mt. Kenya<br/>One of our first glimpses of the high peaks of Mt. Kenya as we make our way along the approach trail on the first day. Feb 18 12:15 pm - Mt. Kenya <br/>Here is a section of the electrified fencing that marks the start of Mt. Kenya National Park. The fence is designed to keep elephants from leaving the park. Feb 18 2:50 pm - Mt. Kenya <br/>The last few hours before camp we entered a bamboo forest. When the wind blew through the forest, it made some eerie sounds. Feb 18 4:15 pm - Mt. Kenya <br/>Giant Bamboo camp (2600m/8525'). My tent in the foreground. Feb 18 4:15 pm - Mt. Kenya <br/>Our "luxurious" toilet tent. We didn't have one for our Kilimanjaro trek. It would have been nice given the camps were far more crowded and the toilets were not usually close by. Of course, in the dark there was a few more options... Feb 19 10:20 am - Mt. Kenya <br/>We stopped at an old horse camp while we waited for the porters to catch up. It had been a very nice hike through the bamboo forest this morning thus far. We moved on to descend to the bottom of a bamboo enclosed ravine before making our way back up out of the bamboo forest for good. Feb 19 12:05 pm - Mt. Kenya <br/>A rest stop on a hill side overlooking the high plateau surrounding the mountain. Feb 19 12:05 pm - Mt. Kenya <br/>Another mountain in the distance but hardly gives the feeling of being in a mountain range. Feb 19 12:40 pm - Mt. Kenya <br/>We make our way through the tall grass as we approach the alpine moorland zone. Feb 19 12:40 pm <br/>We had a sunny start to the day and the temperature was probably closing in on 20C at the time. The clouds would thicken above us and drop the temperature to perhaps 15C. Feb 19 2:30 pm - Mt. Kenya <br/>We enter the alpine moorlands and we start seeing rock formations to convince us we are really on a mountain! Feb 19 2:30 pm - Mt. Kenya <br/> Feb 19 2:55 pm - Mt. Kenya <br/>We finally get our first look at the highest peaks on Mt. Kenya - either Batian (5199m/17,058') or Nelion (5188m/17,021'). I'm not sure which one it is here. Feb 19 5:40 pm - Mt. Kenya <br/>Our tents at the Highland Castle (3700 m/12,135') campsite. We had tea and cookies around 4 pm and were just relaxing before dinner, enjoying the last warmth of the sun for the day. Feb 19 - Mt. Kenya <br/>I ascended this rocky outcrop to take some photos. Feb 19 - Mt. Kenya <br/>If one let their imagination run wild here, one can envision several errie figures from the cave openings. Feb 19 - Mt. Kenya <br/>A rock formation on top of a ridge across the valley. Feb 19 - Mt. Kenya <br/>Tomorrow's route takes us along the base of the cliff on the left and up to the top of the hill in the left centre background. That was the "easy" part of the day. Feb 19 5:50 pm - Mt. Kenya <br/>The cave where we had dinner and breakfast. The porters and guides used it for cooking and sleeping rather than setting up the dining tent. Feb 20 10:25 am - Mt. Kenya Feb 20 10:27 am - Mt. Kenya Feb 20 11:30 am - Mt. Kenya<br/>First glimpse of Nelion or Batian on today's ascent. Feb 20 11:30 am - Mt. Kenya Feb 20 11:30 am - Mt. Kenya Feb 20 11:30 am - Mt. Kenya Feb 20 2:05  pm - Mt. Kenya <br/>It was snowing at a good clip and didn't take too long for it to start to accmulate. Feb 20 2:05  pm - Mt. Kenya Feb 20 2:05  pm - Mt. Kenya Feb 20 2:05  pm - Mt. Kenya Feb 20 5:25  pm - Mt. Kenya <br/>Descending from the Hausberg Col (4600 m/15,090'), our high point of the day. It had been quite a slog to get to the top of the col. Even with the snow, the temperature was still relatively comfortable with little wind thankfully. Feb 20 5:25  pm - Mt. Kenya <br/>Looking down towards the valley. The destination was Shipton's Camp (4236m/13,895'), out of sight to the right. I arrived in camp around 6 pm. Feb 21 6:35 am - Mount Kenya <br/>Sunrise on Lenana Point of Mount Kenya. Lenana Point is the hiker's summit and the 3rd highest point on the mountain at 4,985 metres (16,355 ft). The real summits (off to the right out of the picture) are difficult rock climbing routes. Up to here is just hiking over the fresh snow but it got more challenging as we got closer to the top (left high point). If we had gone up one day earlier, there would not have been any snow. The snow did add some challenges but I think it really enhanced the photos. Feb 21 7:45 am - Mount Kenya <br/>The top of Lenana Point. Reached after a 3:45 am start. Unfortunately my guide didn't understand the focusing mechanism of my camera so photos of me at the sign are blurry. March 1 7:15 am - Mount Kilimanjaro<br/>Glacier on the top. March 1 7:15 am - Mount Kilimanjaro<br/>Here I am on Uhuru Peak (Uhuru means Freedom in Kiswahili), the highest point on Mount Kilimanjaro. I reached it after a midnight start from camp (4670 metres). Demanding ascent of 1200 metres (4000 feet) on summit day -- there was no snow anywhere on the trail. March 1 7:25 am - Mount Kilimanjaro <br/>Starting the descent from Uhuru Peak. March 1 7:35 am - Mount Kilimanjaro<br/>View of the glacier as we traversed down the summit ridge. March 1 8:07 am - Mount Kilimanjaro <br/>Stella Point on the descent. I had reached here @ 6:05 am just before sunrise on the way up. This point marks the start/end of the long steep trail to/from camp @ 4670m/15,315'. March 3 - Lake Manyara NP <br/>A gray langur? Wikipedia states these are only found in Asia so I'm not absolutely sure it's a langur. March 3 2:55 pm - Lake Manyara NP March 3 3 pm - Lake Manyara NP March 3 3 pm - Lake Manyara NP March 3 3:05 pm - Lake Manyara NP <br/>A solitary Wildebeest. March 3 3:15 pm - Lake Manyara NP March 3 3:30 pm - Lake Manyara NP<br/>A lone Impala buck. March 3 3:35 pm - Lake Manyara NP<br/>One of the first elephants we came across on the first day of our safari in Lake Manyara National Park, Tanzania. March 3 3:45 pm - Lake Manyara NP <br/>Rock Hyrax March 3 4:35 pm - Lake Manyara NP March 3 4:40 pm - Lake Manyara NP <br/>First group of giraffes we came across in the park. March 3 4:50 pm - Lake Manyara NP <br/>Sykes' Monkey March 3 4:50 pm - Lake Manyara NP March 3 4:57 pm - Lake Manyara NP<br/>Two Dik-diks (a species of antelope). March 3 5:05 pm - Lake Manyara NP March 3 5:08 pm - Lake Manyara NP March 3 5:32 pm - Lake Manyara NP March 3 5:35 pm - Lake Manyara NP <br/>Exciting to see one of your first zebras on the first day. After seeing thousands over the next few days, the excitement wore off! :) March 3 5:40 pm - Lake Manyara NP <br/>Cape Buffalo (or African Buffalo) March 3 5:40 pm - Lake Manyara NP<br/>Some of his friends I presume. March 3 5:43 pm - Lake Manyara NP March 3 5:46 pm - Lake Manyara NP <br/>Our last wildlife for the day. You were only allowed to be on the park road until 6 pm. March 4 11:40 am - Masai village <br/>Here they are singing and dancing. March 4 1 pm - Serengeti NP <br/>Thomson's gazelle March 4 1:20 pm - Serengeti NP <br/>Wildebeest with calves. March 4 1:35 pm - Serengeti NP<br/>We came across these two hyenas not long after entering Serengeti National Park. They had just aborted a kill attempt on a herd of wildebeest. They were walking back to the small watering hole marked by the rocks in the foreground. March 4 1:43 pm - Serengeti NP <br/>Pregnant female or overstuffed hyena? March 4 2 pm - Serengeti NP <br/>Ostrich March 4 2:45 pm - Serengeti NP <br/> March 4 3:18 pm - Serengeti NP <br/>I think he has other problems to worry about than wondering about our intentions. March 4 4:20 pm - Serengeti NP <br/>Vultures March 4 4:30 pm - Serengeti NP <br/>We came across this lioness trying to cool off beside a pond. March 4 - Serengeti NP <br/>Hey mom, can I come out now? March 4 - Serengeti NP <br/> March 4 - Serengeti NP <br/> March 4 4:55 pm - Serengeti NP <br/>This shot onlys shows one lioness with cubs but there were at least two lionesses in the group. The second one came out for a bit before going back into the tall grass. We could see the paw of another lion in the grass but they never came out. Watching this particular group of lions was one of the high points of the safari. March 5 8 am - Serengeti NP March 5 - Serengeti NP March 5 8:20 am - Serengeti NP March 5 8:37 am - Serengeti NP <br/>Zebras and Wildebeest seem to like each other's company. March 5 9:20 am - Serengeti NP March 5 10:25 am - Serengeti NP March 5 10:55 am - Serengeti NP March 5 11:22 am - Serengeti NP March 5 12:04 pm - Serengeti NP March 5 12:50 pm - Serengeti NP March 5 1:45 pm - Serengeti NP March 5 1:50 pm - Serengeti NP <br/>Trees or rocks, wonder what lions really prefer? March 5 2:25 pm - Serengeti NP <br/>Our lunch stop. March 5 3 pm - Serengeti NP <br/>Tree Hyrax March 5 3:55 pm - Serengeti NP <br/>Mongoose March 5 4:38 pm - Serengeti NP <br/>We had seen one or two leopards but only from far away and they were lying in trees so hard to get any good photos. This leopard was very popular and there were more than a dozen safari vehicles tracking this leopard as it made it's way through the long grass. March 5 - Serengeti NP March 5 - Serengeti NP March 5 - Serengeti NP March 6 8:15 am - Serengeti NP  <br/>This male lion got up after a few minutes and walked down the road before settling in on another spot in the grass. March 6 - Serengeti NP March 6 8:53 am - Serengeti NP <br/>We finally see some more hyenas as we make our way out of the park. March 6 9:12 am - Serengeti NP <br/>Our last pride of lions on the Serengeti.