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Apple Computer Inc:

Apple Computer Inc.- Corporate home page.
Apple Computer Store Canada
You can now order Apple products directly from Apple including the capability to customize (build to order) a system.
Apple Developer
A must visit site for any serious Macintosh developer. A wealth of developer information including Inside Macintosh documentation and Technical Notes.
Java Development Guide for Mac
FAQ on running Java under Mac OS X.
Developer Tools
Xcode developer tools.
Apple Support Downloads
Keep up to date with the latest updates of Apple software such as Mac OS X. However, major releases such as Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) must be purchased through the App Store or normal sales channels. Point releases (e.g. 10.7.1) can be downloaded from this site.


Mac news, reviews.
Developer Depot
A developer's gold mine for third party software development tools.
Programmer support site for developing games on the Mac.
This site is updated daily with happenings in the Mac world. A must see site for Mac enthusiasts.
The Mac Orchard
Excellent site for locating utilities and programs for use with the Internet. NOTE: As of Dec 15, 2010, the site is no longer being updated.
MacWorld On-line
Electronic version of popular magazine. The free version only contains article summaries. Access to the current full version is available for a fee. Also contains a software archive.
Macintosh User's Group of Regina, Saskatchewan. for Mac
Tracks the latest versions of Mac software. You can subscribe to a daily or weekly updates list.

Software Archives:

  • Info-Mac HyperArchive - One of the original archives for the Mac.
  • - Directory of shareware programs for multiple platforms including the Mac. You can search for a program and it will provide a listing of relevant matches and links to the actual archive where the file can be downloaded from.
  • TUCOWS Mac downloads

    Revised: September 8, 2012