Grotto Mountain

Climbed: July 26, 1999.
Elevation: 2706 = 8,878'
Elev. gain: 1350m = 4,429'
Ascent time:4 hours
Descent time:3 hours
Difficulty: Mostly hiking, some easy scrambling.
Location: SW Alberta
Trail head: ACC clubhouse near Canmore
Topo map: 82 O/3 Canmore

Grotto Mtn.
I followed the excellent trail behind the ACC clubhouse and reached tree line intwo hours, twenty minutes.

This photo was taken from the summit of the East End of Rundle (2590m/8,497')which I ascended on July 23, 1999.

summit at treelineJust above treeline, the switchbacks end and you get your first glimpse of the summitoff to your right. In order to get there though, you must first ascend almost directlyup to the false summit on your left -- took me 20 minutes.

Ridge to the summitOnce you get to the top of the false summit, you can see a long ridge leadingto the summit. I found this ridge to be the most enjoyable part of the ascent. Theridge is almost entirely a hike except for a few spots of brief easy scrambling.

summit blockThe ridge looks more challenging than it is. I was enjoying the ridge walk andtalking it easy so it took me about 50 minutes to reach the summit block (heap!).

CK on summitAnother five minutes and you are on top. A register is located in the summit cairn.

Mt. Lady McDonaldFrom the summit you can gaze over at Mt. Lady McDonald (2605m/8,546'), rated as adifficult scramble.

On the day I did this, I did not encounter anyone else on the ascent. On thedescent I did pass some on the false summit but they were undecided whether theywere going any further.

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