Heart Mountain

Climbed: July, 1994 & July, 1999
Elevation: 2135 m = 7,005'
Elev. gain: 875 m = 2,870'
Ascent time:3 hours
Descent time:3 hours
Difficulty: Easy scrambling with one moderate step via NW ridge
Location: Canmore area
Trail head: Heart Creek parking lot off highway #1
Topo map: 82 O/3 Canmore

front view
As the photo shows, the mountain is aptly named for its appearance to those who viewit from the Bow Valley. At .7 km along the trail, the route up the NW ridge becomesobvious. Slabs will add variety from the scree. Exposed portions can be easily skirtedby moving into the trees. About 2/3 up, 4m of vertical rock must be climbed with goodhand and foot holds. After that, the rest of the ascent is just more hiking over screeand slabs (albeit at a higher angle).

right sideleft side

PrairiesFrom the summit ridge, the praires can be seen back towards Calgary. No one encounteredon the ascent. Instead of retracing the ascent route, I descended an intermittent drainagebelow the true summit. This is primarily open slope until a sharp drop-off guarded by arock wall is reached. This is easily skirted and a game trail leads you to into the upperHeart Creek Valley. Follow downstream until the interpretive path is reached which willreturn you to the parking lot.


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