Pyramid Mountain

Attempted: July, 1997.
Elevation: 2763 m = 9,062'
Elev. gain: 1585 m = 5,199'
Ascent time: 4.5 hours to lower tram terminal.
Descent time:35min from lower tram terminal.
Difficulty: Strenuous mountain biking.
Location: Jasper NP
Trail head: Pyramid Lake
Topo map: 83 D/16 Jaspeer

front view
From the locked access gate, I proceeded via mountain bike over easy terrain for about10 minutes. Just past an outlet stream of Pyramid Lake, the real work begins. An unrelentinggrind up the steep access road makes one wonder if it would be faster and easier to justhike the 12km to its end. At about 20 minutes up the road, I heard some noise in the treeson my right. After stopping and looking around, I spotted a small black bear scamperingaway in the trees. Other than that, progress up the steep access road is a real grind.At some spots, I even jumped off and pushed my bike up the hill! I did not encounter anyoneelse on the way up except for a maintenance worker passing by in a truck. Finally aftermore than 4 hours, the microwave service tram comes into view. This tram makes its way upthe east face of Pyramid Mountain leading to the microwave tower (uggh) on top.

summit from lower tram terminalHaving finally arrived at the end of the access road just after 2pm, I had lunch andcontemplated the summit attempt. However, with a mostly cloudy day, the summit obscured by cloudsat times and a sizeable snow field, I decided not to attempt the summit. The return back howevermade up for the grind up. What had taken more than 4.5 hours on the way up, took just over 1/2 houron the way down!


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